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WHY are you membership based?

Being Membership allows us to create a true community of responsible pup lovers, by making sure all our pups are properly socialized and vaccinated.  We want to create a space that is fun and safe for everyone.


what do I get with my membership?

As a Member, you can bring your pups into our fully-staffed off-leash dognasium as often as you please. (Non-Members need to buy a day entry pass in order to bring their pups into the park.) In addition, you’ll receive Member discounts on things like Rin Tin's merchandise and private events. We will also have regular Members-only food and drink specials.


how do i purchase a membership?

You can purchase your Membership anytime at Rin Tin's Barks & Brews Cantina - Dognasium just ask any of our Dogtenders to help you. You can also purchase a Membership anytime on our website. We will ask you to complete an Application to provide us with information about you and your pup, including information about your pups’ veterinarian and vaccination records, so we can be sure we are providing a safe environment for everyone.


can i cancel my membership?

It depends on which Membership Type you choose. Annual Memberships (Paid Up Front) and Annual Memberships (Paid Monthly) are non-cancellable and non-refundable. If you sign up for one of these Membership types, your Membership will continue to be active and will auto-renew each year unless you notify us that you would like to stop your Membership from renewing. If you have a Month-to-Month Membership option, you may cancel at any time in which case your Membership will continue to be active until your next monthly billing date.

There are no refunds for Membership cancellation except in the unfortunate case of death or disability of you or your pup. In such cases, your refund will be pro-rated based upon the remaining time left on your Membership. 


Can my pup and i still visit without a membership?

Yes, no problem. If you aren’t ready to purchase a Membership, you can buy a Day Entry Pass. We accept cash and all major credit cards.


if i'm not bringing a pup, is there still a fee to enter?

No!  There is only a fee for pups using the dognasium.  Humans visiting alone do not need to pay to enter and pups only visiting our on-leash patios and restaurant do not need a membership/pass.


i foster or regularly dog sit pups, can i bring them to the dognasium?

Yes! We have created a special Pet Professionals Membership for an annual fee. This allows you to bring dogs under your care and custody to the dognasium, including your own dogs as well as dogs that you are fostering, dog-sitting, walking or boarding. We will require that you certify that all of the dogs that you bring are current on all required vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella), and are properly socialized for group play. We also have a maximum limit of four (4) dogs per visit.


Are kids allowed in the dognasium?

Yes! However, for the safety of everyone and the pups, there are certain rules and restrictions the must be followed.  We encourage you to read about our Rin Tin's Kid's Policy prior to visiting and complete the required steps for children age 12 and younger.

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